Joshua Stern

Doug Wright

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“First thing I noticed: the passion for what he does. And what he does is sell homes!”

Glenn Beck

Host of the Glenn Beck Radio Program

“There is an amazing team right in your backyard; I’m talking about Joshua Stern and his Stern Team.”

Johnson & Johnson

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“If we needed to sell our house, the only agent we would hire is Joshua Stern of Keller Williams!”

Gary LeVox

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“Josh Stern of Keller Williams Realty markets your home on a whole different level!”

Sean Hannity

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“I’m going to make this very easy for you: Joshua Stern is in a whole different league than anyone else you’ll talk to.”

Why The Stern Team?

We sell more residential resale homes than anyone in Utah.

  • Flexible options

    Flexible options

    Our guaranteed sold program and day-to-day contracts provide more flexible options to make sure your real estate goals are met.

  • Sell for more

    Sell for more

    On average, our client's homes sell for 3.2% more than an average agent gets for them. For example, if the asking price for a home is $350,000, on average we’ll sell it for $10,000-$15,000 more than your average agent could.

  • Sell more homes

    Sell more homes

    According to the National Association of Realtors, the average agent sells fewer than 9 homes per year. The Stern Team is a full service real estate team that has helped sell and purchase thousands of homes since 2002 - currently about a property a day!

  • More marketing for your home

    More marketing for your home

    Nationwide, the average agent last year invested $930 marketing their listings. On the other hand, we invest over $250,000 into marketing our listings!

  • Sell your home fast!

    Sell your home fast!

    According to board statistics, we sell homes about three times faster than an average agent.


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As Featured In…

We’re getting lots of media coverage for how we do business.

Sometimes it’s nice to have some attention. The Salt Lake Tribune,, KSLTV, KNRS Radio, The Daily Utah Chronicle, and Fox 13 News have all featured our team for various reasons:

  • Our unique marketing plan that brings buyers in droves to your home for sale.
  • Our wild guarantee that we’ll buy your home if we can’t sell it.
  • Our promise of no-obligation contracts (if you don’t love The Stern Team, you can leave us!)
  • Our unsurpassed knowledge of the real estate market.

Want to know more about why so many people, places, and publications are talking about us? Call us at 801-444-9100 or fill out the form above.

“I am extremely happy to recommend Josh and his team without reservation! Josh has helped us and our children with the sale or purchase of seven homes so far. He is always on top of everything during the process and takes great care to make sure we understand what is happening along the way. His recommendations are sound and he does an excellent job explaining the reasons behind those recommendations.

We have found Josh to be a genuine person with great integrity. I have never had any concern that there were ulterior motives behind any of his actions. I truly believe that his primary job satisfaction comes from knowing he has helped people out. He is a joy to know and work with. I am sure there are plenty of realtors out there that would do a good job for you; many that would do a great job; I cannot imagine finding a single one that you would be more pleased with than Josh!"
Mark Walker
- One of many happy customers

Stern Team Success Stories

by the numbers

List Price: $325,000
Total Offers: 24
Sold: $377,500
More Money: +$52,500
Timeframe: 4 days
816 E 500 S, SLC
816 E 500 S, SLC
Ian & Amanda MacDonald
List Price: $500,000
Total Offers: 7
Sold: $530,000
More Money: +$30,000
Timeframe: 4 days
1956 Kate Cove, West Jordan
1956 Kate Cove, West Jordan
Nick & Tera Williams
List Price: $158,000
Total Offers: 31
Sold: $186,000
More Money: +$28,000
Timeframe: 2 days
7375 Adams Rd, SLC
7375 Adams Rd, SLC
Ray & Heirann
List Price: $410,000
Total Offers: 24
Sold: $440,000
More Money: +$30,000
Timeframe: 6 days
6821 Pine Mountain Dr
6821 Pine Mountain Dr
McLeary Family Estate Sale
List Price: $155,000
Total Offers: 12
Sold: $175,000
More Money: +$20,000
Timeframe: 3 days
1380 W 300 S, SLC
1380 W 300 S, SLC
Brian Bowles
List Price: $260,000
Groups Through: 46
Total Offers: 13
Sold: $275,000
More Money: +$15,000
Timeframe: 3 days
8368 Princeton Ct
8368 Princeton Ct
Staci Smith
List Price: $175,000
Groups Through: 30
Total Offers: 9
Sold: $291,000
More Money: +$15,000
Timeframe: 4 days
4110 Adam St, Ogden
4110 Adam St, Ogden
Mike & Mindy
List Price: $299,900
Groups Through: 49
Total Offers: 3
Sold: $317,700
More Money: +$17,800
Timeframe: 4 days
304 N 3675 W, Layton
304 N 3675 W, Layton
David & Amy Herd
List Price: $170,000
Groups Through: 32
Total Offers: 5
Sold: $183,000
More Money: +$13,000
Timeframe: 6 days
64 W 750 N, Orem
64 W 750 N, Orem
Boyd & Jill Hamilton